Our Watches


Lightweight, durable, water repellent and high performing...we encourage you to stretch bend move lift grab carry lounge lunge type or pitch in our bands.


Movements + Batteries
Our watches are Swiss and Japanese (JTI) Quartz movements. Quartz watches are powered by a battery that propels power through a quartz crystal. The batteries have an expectancy of 18-24 months. The battery needs to be changed if the watch exhibits time loss, stops completely, or if the seconds hand jumps in 4-second steps. Each product starts working as soon as it is assembled, so the battery life may vary depending on the inventory. Quartz watches are typically more accurate than automatics, by approximately 10 seconds per day. 

Screw down crowns
Several of our models have screw down crowns. To adjust the date and time, unscrew the crown counterclockwise. Once unfastened, turn the crown and adjust the time/date as needed. When set, click the crown back in, and rotate clockwise while applying pressure to seal the crown. The gasket sealed crown ensures water resistance, and it must be screwed and sealed during water exposure to maintain warranty. 

Time Setting
Setting the date between 9pm and 4am can damage the watch. To avoid causing damage, pull the crown out and wind until you see the date change near 12am. Set the watch to the correct time, and then adjust the watch to the correct date.

Water Resistance
Our watches range from 3-20ATM, and the rating is listed on all product pages. For 3ATM, you should avoid all contact with water, including bathing and swimming, as water damage is not covered under warranty. For our 3ATM watches, we reinforce the seal, but exposure should still be limited. Models with a water resistance of 5 ATM can withstand submersion under water but should not be taken swimming or diving for extended periods. This includes hot showers and saunas. 10-20ATM are more resistant and can be taken swimming. Most saunas and deep diving should be avoided.

It is important not to attempt to adjust the position of the crown while the timepiece is in contact with water. Water can enter the case causing damage to the movement. For timepieces with screw-down crowns, it is important to ensure the crown is in the proper position and completely locked before contact with water. For timepieces with chronograph functions, do not engage the chronograph under water, as water may leak into the case and cause damage to the movement.

For chronograph watches, the top-right button (a) starts and stops the 60-seconds hand (bottom middle dial). The minute hand (far left dial) will advance accordingly. Press and hold the bottom-right button (b) to reset. If your date function is off, please check that the 24-hour hand (far right dial) is in the correct 24 hour cycle.