Our Story

Located in Richmond, Virginia, we help active professionals transition throughout their days with a watch that is stylish, comfortable, and versatile. Founded by a husband-and-wife (and dogs) duo, Handley Watches is based on a simple concept, that watches should combine safe, flexible bands with sophisticated, modern dials.
Metal and leather clash with sweat, keyboards, or water. After spending years transitioning from the gym, to the pool, to the golf course, and beyond, we provide a stylish but functional solution. By combining the water-proof bands with classic, timeless dials, you will look great from the board room and office, to the WODs, waves, tee boxes, and tennis courts after work.

Our name is derived from a benefactor, and we’re committed to making this world a better place. Our watches keep time, but they do not keep your private information or your attention during meetings and mindful situations. Moving away from the concept of constant connectivity, our products are designed to traverse calendars and settings, and for those who want to break away from technology while hiking, biking, rowing, running, or simply having dinner with their families.

Proudly assembled in Richmond, VA, USA